examined by using hematoxylin and eosinstaining. Blood biochemical factors and hormones also was measured
Results: Chronic treatment with Kudzu significantly increased bodyweight and plasma insulin levels and reduced plasma glucose,cholesterol, triglyceride levels. Diabetic rats showed a reduction in testosterone and gonadoropine hormons levels of plasma, seminiferous tubules diameter, sertolicells, sperms count, sperms motility and also increased thickness of the basement membrane in seminiferous tubules and degeneration in germ cells and treatment with Kudzu ,improved this effects. Kudzu increases sperm count and motility,spermatogenic cells and sertoli cells.furthermore in thraputic groups we observed increas in seminiferous tubule diameter and decreas in basal laminal thickness.furthermore Kudzu increases testoeterone and gonadotropine hormones.
Conclusions: Kudzu may be effective in the treatment of diabetesby lowering blood glucose levels and improving some biochemicalfactors,also Kudzu exhibit therapeutic effect on testicular damage in adult diabetic rats,Probably that referes to it’s anti-hyperglycemic and anti oxidant property.
Key Words:
Diabetes- _kudzu _ spermatogenesis _sertoli cell- testes injury
Islamic FreeUniversity of Damghan
Department of Biology, Faculty of Sciences
“M.Sc” Thesis
On Developmental
Effect of kudzu on Testicular Damage in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic rats
Thesis advisor:
Thesis consulting advisor:
Amir abbas rashidi

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