process management is the most advanced type of management issues which leads the organization to the continuous improvement. BPM as a set of processes help the organization to improve their business efficiency. To aim this purpose some systems and softwares called BPMS is established. Now, more than one hundred softwares with special capabilities are involved in this context and analyze the dynamic condition of organization.
Moreover, by investigating literature, an integrated pattern included 650 factors is developed to evaluate a business process management system. These factors are clustered into 16 groups such as modeling and simulation. We choose 10 active software like ARIS and ORACLE between them and a multiple layer neural network model proposed to explore their special capabilities. Since our country try to improve its competition environment so localization of these factors result in agility and optimization of industries.
Keyword: Business Process Management, Business Process Management System, Artificial Neural Network, Criteria.
“A model to compare integrated computer business process management systems in organizations (BPMS’s)”
Padina Basirat
A thesis presented to
Mazandaran University of Science and Technology
in fulfillment of the thesis requirement for the degree of
Master of Science In
Dr. Babak Shirazi
Prof. Iraj Mahdavi
Summer 2014
1 Business Process Management
2 Business Process Management System
3 Business Process Modeling Notation
4 Frederick Winslow Taylor
5 Shewart
6 Deming
7 Juran
8 Gartner
9 Association of Business Process Management International
10 Enterprise resource planning
11 WorkFlow Management
12 Business Process Modeling
13 Business Process Documentation
14 Master Templates
15 Business Process Certification
16 Business Process Collaboration
17 Business Process Compliancy
18 Business Process Optimization
19 What-If
20 Business Process Automation
21 Wil van der Aalst
22 Howard Smith & Peter Fingar
23 Service-Oriented Architecture
24 Kim Dongsoo
26 Unified Modeling Language
27 John Januszczak
28 Staveno
29 Delgado
30 Mondrag?n
31 Varela-Vaca
32 Business Process Reengineering
33 Business Process Improvement
34 Hammer & Champy
35 Business Process Improvement
36 Wil van der Aalst
37 Business Process Analysis
38 Business Process Model and Notation
39 Business Process Diagram
40 Business Process Execution Language
41 Business Process Management Initiative
42 Open Management Group
43 XML(Extensible Markup Language) Process Definition Language
44 Workflow Management Coalition
45 Business Process Modeling Language
46 Process Execution Language for Web Services
47 Versioning
48 Business Activity Monitoring
49 Key Performance Indicators
50 Monitoring dashboards
51 Business Rules Engine
52 Rumelhart and McClelland
53 Multilayer Perceptron
54 NetWeaver Platform
55 IBM Websphere Platform
56 WebLogic Platform
57 Application Server 10g
61 Bizagi Process Modeler
62 Bizagi Studio
70 Flow Objects
71 Event
72 Activity
73 Gateway
74 Connecting Objects
75 Sequence Flow
76 Message Flow
77 Association
78 Swim lanes
79 Artifacts

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