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Cyclosporin (CsA), a cyclic undecapeptide of fungal origin, is a powerful immunosuppressive agant that has markedly improved graft survival rates in organ transplantation. Black Grape Seed and Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna), widely distributed medicinal plants, are highly regarded for their medicinal activities, including antioxidant properties. The present study was conducted to assess whether Black Grape Seed aqueous Extract and Haawthorn aqueous extracts with anti-oxidant properties could serve as protective agents against testicular toxicity during CsA treatment in rat model. 32 male Wistar rats With 200±20 g after 7 days of acclimation were categorized into four groups) Control, Cyclosporin, Cyclosporin and Hawthorn aqueous extracts, Cyclosporin and Grape seed aqueous extracts(. Three group of rats were administered CsA at a dose of 40 mg/kg/day in 0.5 ml sesame Oil for 45 days by oral gavages. Two of these groups received Grape seed aqueous extracts and Hawthorn aqueous extracts at a dose of 150g/kg/day With Cyclosporine administration. After 25 and 45 day in all group , testes, epididymides were quickly dissected out. For sperm characteristics analysis, Invitro fertilization, histological alterations, stereological parameters, spermatogenesis indices, carbohydrate rate, lipid accumulation, alkaline phosphatase were evaluated in histological sections of testis. The CsA-treated group (25and 45 days) showed significant decreases , spermatogenic index Such as (number of Sertoli cells) and stereological parameters (seminiferous tubules diameters and their epithelial heights, number of Leydig in a unit area of testis) as well as many histological alterations included atrophy of seminiferous tubules, germ cell aplasia, mast cells invasion and interstitial space widening of intertubular connective tissue. Spermatogenic cells in the CsA-exposed rats exhibited a weak reaction to the PAS staining, strong reactions to the Sudan Black B and alkaline phosphatase stainings . CsA treatment also caused a significant decrease (P 0.05) in sperm count and significant increase in dead and abnormal sperms and sperm With Damage Chromatin. These findings indicate that cyclosporin can adversely damage the testicular tissue through imposing oxidative stress, while Grape seed and Hawthorn aqueous extracts coadministration could effectively prevent these adverse effects by effective inhibiting of oxidative processes and restoration of antioxidant defense system. It also improved the embryo development and quality , increased the percentage of oocyt fertilization, two cell embryos, blastosystes, and the cleavage rate and decreased embryo arrest, and also improved the cultured embryos morphologically (p0.05).

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